Welcome to the website of the Arcturus Chamber Ensemble, a group that brings a diverse set of musicians from across the country and the globe into contact with each other in the town of Carlisle, MA. Since it is defined by the shared experiences of these different artists, each Arcturus concert is unique. The number of players varies, and so does the style and the repertoire — some concerts have included music from up to 4 centuries! What stays constant is a passionate commitment to the music, and to the process of bringing it to life.

About Arcturus

Learn more about Arcturus: who we are, what we do, why we do it. Also, view photos from past Arcturus sessions.


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Arcturus features an ever-changing cast of talented performers and composers. Meet the musicians, both past and present.


Listen to recordings from some of our previous performances. Just remember, we sound even better in person!


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